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Credit Cards

Cashback credit cards return a small percentage of money that you spend back to you each year. The amounts involved are a proportion of your total spending, but if you use a credit card a lot they can soon mount up. If you avoid paying interest by clearing the balance each month, cashback can be a nice little earner as you are paid for using a card rather than cash.If you are a frequent flier, for example, then you might decide to buy airline credit cards because the more frequently you use the cards, the more free tickets or cash or you get. Everyday purchases can be bought with credit cards and card issuers frequently have cards that pay 3-5% cashback at supermarkets, chemists, restaurants and petrol stations. Even hotels are in on the act.

Online shopping

You can also earn cashback each time you shop online! cashback Reward sites help their members earn cash back with every online purchase. These sites team up with major online retailers, banks, insurance companies and high street shops to bring you the best offers and cash back. These sites search for the best bargains from online retailers and service providers in Britain. Retailers give commission for the sale to the site without any extra cost or charge to members. An added bonus is that many sites will give you a small commission every time you refer a friend.


Vanquis Bank’s 

products serve customers  a range of credit cards that give them the options they deserve.these great benefits:

No annual fee
Up to 56 days interest free on purchases
Additional cardholder/ free fraud monitoring at no additional cost – we’ll warn customers of any suspicious activity on their account
Chip PIN technology for added security whenever a Vanquis card is used
Visa is widely accepted in the UK and abroad
Offers convenience for paying online and over the phone
A friendly and dedicated UK customer call centre
As a provider that is specifically geared towards servicing customers with previous credit problems or little or no credit history our higher APR’s reflect the additional business risk posed by this area of the consumer market.



TorFX is an independent foreign exchange specialist and we offer highly competitive rates of exchange to both corporate and private clients, for international trading, buying property abroad, emigrating and other overseas payments.

Most businesses and individuals in the UK still use a high street bank for their foreign exchange transactions, however more and more are beginning to reap the benefits of using a specialist foreign exchange company.


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